SXM Catamaran Trip
Sint Maarten / Anguilla / Saint Barth

Discover the islands from the sea side.

Our Day Charter (SXM) to Sint Maarten, Saint Barth, Anguilla

Catamarans and Boats rentals

“Big group charter to Sint Maarten, Saint Barth, Anguilla”

SXM Sint Maarten Yacht Charter

SXM Yacht charter
Nautitech 40

up to 6 persons $1400/full day (8h)

more than 6pers = add $100/pers – up to 12 guests

Yachts Type: sailing catamaran

Day charter lunch non included

captain and hostess / snacks and drinks included

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2 itineraries available

Sint Maarten Swim with turtle tour

1) swim with turtles (Tintamarre Island)

2) beach hopping (Sint Maarten)


SXM Yacht charter
Leopard 45 sailing catamaran

Starting $2125/day charter (up to 17 guests) lunch and drinks included

Yachts Type: private charter / sailing catamaran

Day charter with lunch and drinks

up to 12 people / all inclusive with crew

More Details

visit French and Dutch side on board this beautiful sailing catamaran. Snorkeling gear, lunch and drinks are included.

SXM Yacht charter
Leopard 44

up to 6 persons $1500/day

more than 6pers = add $100/pers – up to 12 guests

Yacht Type: Sailing catamaran

day charter lunch non included

captain and hostess / snacks and drinks included

More Details

2 itineraries available

Sint Maarten Swim with turtle tour

1) swim with turtles (Tintamarre Island)

2) beach hopping (Sint Maarten)

SXM Yacht charter
Power Catamaran Party Boat

Starting $125/pers with lunch and drinks (min 15 pers)

Yachts Type: Party Boat / Power-Cat

Day charter with lunch and drinks

minimum 15 persons / up to 50 persons

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you are more than 15 persons? This party boat is a must. ideal for islands hopping and to celebrate, this catamaran with sound system is perfect for a beautiful day at sea. on board the most friendly crew ever. Snorkeling gear, lunch and drinks are included.

SXM Yacht charter
lagoon 38

up to 6 pers $1250/full day (8h)

more than 6pers = add $100/pers – up to 12 guests

Yacht Type: sailing catamaran

day charter lunch non included

captain and hostess / snacks and drinks included

More Details

2 itineraries available

Sint Maarten Swim with turtle tour

1) swim with turtles (Tintamarre Island)

2) beach hopping (Sint Maarten)

SXM Yacht charter
Donzi, 36 Taxi boat & islands transfer

Starting $1300/day – up to 10 pers

Yacht Type: power boat

day charter and island transfer

900 hp Taxi boat / up to 10 persons.

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islands Transfer and full day charter available

Do you need to get somewhere ? this 900 horsepower fast boat is ideal for your transfers from the airport to your place of residence between the islands of Sint Maarten, Anguilla and St Barth. ideal for island hopping, it allows you to take full advantage of the time available.

Transfer :

transfer from sxm to saint Barth $1300

transfer from sxm to Anguilla $1200

transfer from Saint Barth to Anguilla $1700

transfer from Saint Barth to SXM $1300

Transfer from Anguilla to Saint Barth $1700

transfer from Anguilla to SXM $1200


full day trip :

From Sint Maarten

from sxm to sxm full day $1300

from sxm to Anguilla full day $1500

from sxm to Saint Barth full day $1600


From Saint Barth

from Saint Barth to saint Barth $1600

from saint barth to Sxm $1700

from Saint Barth to Anguilla $2400


 From Anguilla

 from Anguilla to Anguilla $1600

from Anguilla to Saint Barth $2400

From Anguilla to Sint Maarten $1700

Fishing Boat

Starting $750/ half day up to 4 persons (8h30to 12h30 or 13h30 to 17h30)

$1200/ full day up to 4 pers (9am to 3 pm)

Yachts Type: fishing Boat 25' Mako

Day charter or half day charter with captain

maximum 4 persons / lunch non included

More Details

including :

all gears



drinks (alcohol with moderation)

Bareboat day charter

$690/ full day up to 6 pers 

Yachts Type: power boat 25' Mako

Day charter bare boat (no captain)

fuel, lunch drinks and crew non included

More Details

this bareboat charter require a boat license

option of snorkeling gear and water toys available on request

safety equipment included

wavy navy day trip sint maarten charter
SXM Yacht charter
Wavy Navy 25-Day charter

Starting $125/pers

Yacht Type: power Boat

1 toilet, bathroom

Formule: All inclusive with captain & lunch / up to 12 persons

More Details

Wavy Navy is a 25 feet boat. ideal for your day or half day charter and up to 10 persons on board. Wavy Navy always have a really good ambiance on board thanks to the friendly captain Chris. 10 years already of memories

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Private family Charter to Sint Maarten

Are you planning a day trip or a charter to Sint-Maarten, Anguilla & Saint Barth?

We offer different types of boats and packages, adapted to each budget or to each extravagance.

*Half Day & Full Day
*Tour & Private trip

* Power Boat & Sailing Boat
* Catamaran & Monohull
Our prices include taxes and are displayed online. Our range of choices is wide. The program depends on your wishes and your budget.


Anguilla Day charter

Why cruising Anguilla / St Barts & SXM with a Catamaran is the ideal family vacation?

St Barts sailing all inclusive package

Don’t isolate your family to one island experience – get them all! SXM catamaran private charter offers a comfortable, speedy way to navigate between the islands of Saint Barth, Anguilla and Sint Maarten for maximum pleasure. Catamarans offer privacy, because real vacations are more successful when you have enough space, especially with kids.

Give to your family unforgettable memories and beautiful values that they will keep in mind for life. From fishing your meal to follow a sea turtle, passing by the extraordinary sensation of raising the sails. Sea trips are a great way for the whole family to build memories together

Holidays are precious!

Allow us to treat you to an Islands hopping journey and help you to build beautiful family memories  – and an unforgettable catamaran experience around Anguilla, Saint Barth and Sint Maarten. Day or week Charter around the 3 sisters islands are available in private family trips.

Picture it: After a good restful night on board without mosquitoes and rocked by the movement of the water. With your lungs filled with the pure air of the sea breeze, you will wake up with the smell of hot coffee and fresh bread tickling your nose to get you out of bed under the everyday and radiant Caribbean sun.

Front of you a beautiful new scenery every day and this stunning view only for you. Recline in your chair just above warm, turquoise water and lounge in the sun. Enjoy the company of your friends and family only if you feel it, because catamarans cruises allow to enjoy a real privacy, there is space for all on board. Without any unknown to worry about on this cozy cruise because it is a private charter, only you and your guests. 

You are on board of a human size boat, it gives you some significant advantage as the services on board of course but also the real freedom to decide how to spend your time without any restrictions. You can jump from your breakfast chair into the warm Caribbean waters for a swim! and climb back to finish your breakfast with your family. 

You can ask the captain to bring you ashore when you want, the crew will proposes a route but you can decide of your timing, decide when you want to go ashore or change of island. Even the best hotels or the biggest cruise ship will never be able to compare, because we offer tailor-made and human size boats excursionsWith this private charter to Sint /Maarten, Saint barth and Anguilla, we propose values, freedom, privacy, real vacation. 

the cost of a private familial sxm charter to Sint maarten

Of course a private charter to Sint maarten, Saint Barth or Anguilla have a price. Family memories and friends ties do not.

It is first of all about values: Strengthening family ties, rediscovering each other and sharing common values are the foundations of a balanced family life. what better opportunity to spend a moment together than a kayak or a fishing trip, or simply a gentle awakening on a catamaran in the Caribbean, without other concerns that what we will discover together today. Some of our Guests also like to share the cost of the catamaran rental with extended family members. The opportunity to take advantage of the space offered by the additional cabins for small families.

Of course, you are free to save a liitle money by spending your vacation time into a cabin of a cruise ship with thousand of masked people looking at each other and pray every time you have to touch the stair railing but, does it really the memories you want to keep this next years?

Notice also, that the cost of a private cruise is very competitive compare to a cruise ship. Because these mega structure of mass tourism offers competitive prices only if you stay on board. you will have to pay to get ashore to visit a local art market, pay to improve everyday life and still pay to even just take a picture with the captain.  Add up together all the options and the privates cruises start to be very competitive.

enigma catamaran sxm charter rental

Little brief about SXM the frindly island

SXM is a great melting pot of 70 different nationalities. It is also the smallest island in the world separated into two different countries. On the one hand Saint Martin, a French overseas community, on the other hand , an independent country under Dutch influence. You probably think that on such a small island both sides are the same? Think again. There are impressive differences, specificities and complementarities between these two countries.

Dutch Side : Sint-Maarten  is the most touristic part of the island, where the casinos are, the nightlife. The most beautiful mega-yachts from all around world come to anchor there every winter for the greatest pleasure of onlookers, is also the sensational attractions, discount shops, clubs, and private beaches.

French side : Saint Martin is the romantic part of the island. The Caribbean French touch offers luxury shops, French bakeries is also the Caribbean capital of gastronomy, small deserted islands where to drop the anchor. Stroll along fine sandy beaches, still bare of any development and nature preserved from invasive construction.

colorful SXM

SXM is also known for its talented artists. Especially in painting, which is evident as soon as you visit the island, which offers magnificent murals and colorful storefronts suitable for great photography on both sides of the island.

But art is also revealed through the galleries that dot the friendly island and offer sculptures and paintings by local and Caribbean artists to the delight of visitors from all over the world. Furthermore you will find the talented artisans of the seaside market, who offer unique and original works to take home.

wall art sxm destination
sxm festival out pic paradis

sint maarten & Saint Martin CULTURE & music

SXM is of course festivals & carnival. Each year the famous SXM Festival brings together on the beaches of the French side the golden youth from all over the world during this week dedicated to electronic music or come to play the finest of world DJs.

Additionally every year during the Heineken Regatta many attractions as well as giant concerts are offered to the public on the Dutch side. 

The carnivals punctuate the winters on both sides of the island first on the French side then the torch is passed on to the Dutch side which ends in apotheosis during the Heineken Regatta, which you can follow from our boats on a day charter formula Finally sxm this is what you want to make out of it.

This island offers all the possibilities from the most private intimacy to the most extravagant excess.

Anguilla Catamaran Trip

Anguilla beach
Anguilla beach


The island of Anguilla is famous for its incredible white sand beaches and the clarity of the blue of the sea. It is the postcard par excellence.

Multiple atolls are scattered around the mother island. Rather than quantity, the island of Anguilla has chosen to receive quality tourism. The result is landscapes totally preserved from the ravages of mass tourism, a more appreciable privacy and beaches as paradisiacal as they are deserted.
All of this makes Anguilla a prime honeymoon destination. The island has moreover directed part of its tourism to this specialty. It is also the island of choice for photo shoots, and many magazine covers have used the beauty of Anguilla’s beaches to present their models. (We also offer the drone option on certain boats, to immortalize the magnificence of the moment.)

The island of Anguilla is also the boat trip escape and the breath of air for vacationers who want to escape for a full day trip or more from the hectic life of Saint Barth and Sint-Maarten.
Anguilla, you will have understood it, is very oriented towards the sea and moreover offers great pleasures every year to regatta lovers.

The island has 33 breathtaking beaches and a boat day tour is not enough to go around it, many islands are also scattered around Anguilla: Prickly Pear and Shoal Bay, of course, but also, Anguilita, Sandy Island, dog island and Scrub Island, to name the most popular.

It goes without saying that the best way to make the most of it is to hire a boat, the captain will be able to give you his suggestions for itineraries and timetables, but you of course remain in control of the program.
if you want to see what Anguilla looks like on video, we have video guided tours of Anguilla, the chance to get an idea of what to expect to see during your private charter with us.



Saint Barth Catamaran Tour: discover the Saint Barth CULTURE AND Art of living OF the trendy island DURING YOUR VACATION

Eden rock st barth

The island of Saint-Barth cultivate what local people the “Art of being an island ” it s of course including the French Gourmet restaurants, the luxury hotels and shops, the art of sailing and the respect of wildlife.
Saint-Barth is in love of yachting and this love is reciprocal. So, you can admire each winter the fabulous biggest mega-yachts of the globe dropping their anchors in the Gustavia bay. For new year it s about 300 yachts and hundreds of charter boats celebrating.

The island provide the excellence to the visitors and especially for boat lovers. The famous Bucket regatta is one of the most spectacular race to watch. People come from all around the world to appreciate this unic spectacle. We can explain how beautiful is the moment and how clear is the water but the best is to see it. Have a look to our pictures and full article to have a better idea how magical the moment can be.
The charter boats are at this period (usually in march) busy as never. Sailing from the St Maarten beaches to Anguilla and St Barts, for the guests on board it is the occasion to enjoy the Regattas, Caribbean festivals and Carnivals of the three islands.

They follow the races for the biggest pleasure of visitors. It’s a sensational experience to be a part of it and watch the spectacle of the St Barth yachts from a catamaran rental and to do some islands hopping. It’s also the occasion to discover what is the “Art of being an island” and to come back with endless memories. 

If you want to see what the Saint Barth beaches looks like on video, we have video guided tours of St Barts, the chance to get an idea of what to expect to see during your private charter with us.

Saint Barth Day charter

Day Charter SXM From Saint Barth (Yacht charter Saint Barth)

St Barth arrival airport

You are already on the island of Saint Barthélemy and appreciate the Art of Living offered by the most fabulous rock in the Caribbean. Live the experience fully and set sail. We offer day charters around St Barts. Whether it’s to celebrate or just to get out of the hustle and bustle of the island and disconnect, we have the right rental boat for your vision.
Sailboat, speedboat, catamaran, or luxurious yachts, it’s all up to you. Tell us what kind of experience you want to have and we will take care of everything.
We offer itineraries depending on your desire of the day, whether you want the privacy of a few beaches as sublime as they are deserted or whether you want to browse the most trendy beaches. The captain will adapt the boat excursion at the pace you want to bring to your boat trip. We offer experiences that are as pleasant as they are memorable because we offer tailor-made.

other destinations : Virgin Islands / saba / st kitts

Bvi snorkeling british virgin island catamaran charter

Sxm has the big advantage of being ideally placed on the West Indian arc. Having the ability to offer optimal navigation conditions with strong trade winds and the proximity of a large number of islands.

Destinations from Sint-Maarten:
☆ Sailing the Virgin Islands (for those who want above all raise the sails and feel the spray splashing the deck). 1 week trip around the British Virgin Islands discovering the superb islands of the famous archipelago. The Virgin Islands offer an ideal environment for those who like to sail but who prefer short trips. an ideal destination for families or among friends.

☆ Islands hopping between St Barts, Anguilla, and Sint Maarten. (for the true purists) 4 Days package around the 3 sisters islands a fabulous all inclusive boat-trip in the famous turquoise triangle. Take full advantage of your vacation time by comfortably visiting the most beautiful landscapes and beaches of the area (some hidden fabulous spots are only  accessible by boat) videos here

☆ Navigation between Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Saba (for diving and hiking lovers) This destination is for those who want to explore the most beautiful snorkeling spots in the area and probably the Caribbean. the geographical and seismic configuration offered by these islands allows high quality snorkeling and diving, its offers to walks lovers, authentic and spectacular beauty. 

sailing post about SXM

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Sailing to Tintamare island (SXM)

Before your boat trip to Tintamare have a look here, and find useful informations about the navigation to Tintamare island and the history of the island, what to see there. Who was the Tintamare King. Which wildlife admire on “flat island” (other name of Tintamare)

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How to sail to the Creole Rock of SXM What to expect to see and what are the differents way to have a great snorkeling or diving there, and how much does it cost?

discover our posts on SXM, the opportunity to discover places to go out, activities to do, ideal beaches with children or deserted ones, naturist spots and trendy beach. As well navigation tips and nice anchorage area to drop the anchor. Discover the turquoise triangle of the three islands of Saint Barth , Anguilla and Saint Martin with us by the most comfortable transport: Boats

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