sailing to the Créole Rock


Creole Rock (Rocher Créole) is a tiny rocky island in the Grand-Case bay on SXM french side waters. This is a part of the natural reserve of It’s prohibited to climb the rock which look like a male visage facing the sky with a little pool on the top. If you wondering why you can’t climb the creole rock, it’s cause it is a nesting islands for sea-birds such as boobies . Anyway this part of the island is not the most beautiful. The real interest of this Rock is underwater. It’s one of the most extraordinary snorkeling and diving spot of the french side, with 2 distinct swimming areas for beginners and adventurers

Navigation to the Créole Rock (rocher créole)

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It s a really simple navigation, there is only 2 thing to know: 

first at the really beginning of the grand case bay (sailing from Marigot) there is here a shallow water spot around 2m deep, where if you go snorkeling you can watch 3 quills than hit the spot and felt. They re still here laying on the bottom of the sea. So, dont pass to close of the cliff. 

Second point, there is a passage between the creole rock and the Grand Case shore. Sail it only if your boat is small and if it’s not swelly, the water there is not so deep. (For surf lovers, it s one of the secret spot of sxm when the north swell is entering)

Anchorage of the Creole Rock 

Creole Rock SXM

For the Anchorage, there is by the Creole Rock some moorings fixing by sand screw holding boats up to 15 Tons. Six of this moorings are reserved to diving club (they have a sign with write : divers)
Also dont use the white ones, they are here for dinghy’s or  (they have a sign “dinghy”). As many natural reserve place It is prohibited to throw the anchor for respect the marine life. It s also prohibited to use your dinghy there, but anyway, the moorings are so close of the creole rock that it will be strange to use a dinghy.

Snorkeling spots of the Creole Rock

Creole Rock

 It’s an excellent snorkeling or diving spot.
There is 2 differents areas to discover the wildlife:
The side facing grand case is a perfect spot for beginners the current is not to strong and the water are not deep. You can appreciate to see a lot of fishes varieties.

The other side facing Anguilla, is a little bit more tricky cause of current, it s also deep water here, so you can watch beautiful species (even dolphins sometimes) of course this side is really dangerous in case of north swell.

Creole Rock wildlife 

 Of course there is turtles, and it’s always pleasant to follow them. You can also watch some stingrays hiding on the bottom floor, by the rocks you will see big lobsters (fishing is prohibited) Scorpion fishes, dont touch them, they have poison in their fin, which look like to be beautiful feathers). Still by the stones there is also mooray, busy indigo hamlets and the cute smooth trunk fishes, also sea urchins and star fish. 

In the second area facing Anguilla for the more adventurous you will see barracudas, parrot fishes, beautiful coral reefs and different kind of sea sponge, some groupers too, as the grasby or rock hind, sea anemones and clown fishes, and if you are lucky some nurse sharks and octopus.

How to go to The creole Rock?

Creole Rock is one of the unmissable snorkeling spots of SXM. It can easily be a stop on your sailing day cause it is on the way to Tintamare island and Pinel island.

There is differents way to go to the Creole Rock. It depends on your expectations and also your budget

* Diving to the Creole Rock:

For diving lovers, unfortunately there is no more diving clubs in Grand Case since the Covid 19, so the best is to rent a with diving equipment or to practice diving on the Dutch side.

* Catamaran Private Day Trip 100 € by pers :
Make a stop by the Creole Rock on your way to Tintamare or Pinel island. Day trip all inclusive with snorkeling equipment, water toy, skipper and cook on a recent 44 feet. Take family and friends and have a day trip on a and sailing catamaran  to Tintamare, play with the water toys (kayak,  paddleboard, skimboard, snorkeling equipment)  with a captain and a cook, food & drink included. Up to 12 persons.  Reservation or informations here.

* Creole Rock on a Premium Private Charter 500€ by pers :

You have some special guests? Make the day unforgettable. Welcome on board of this sunreef 62, there is snorkeling and diving equipment at your disposal and a sea bob for enjoy the current part of the Créole Rock without any effort.
Premium meals with professional chef, air conditioning and high services on board.  Up to 12 persons. Reservation and informations here.


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