Western Caribbean islands to cruise during covid

Where to cruise in western Caribbean 

Mayreau Grenadines

Since the Covid, there is less and less safe places to travel for vacations. British virgin islands,  Anguilla,  antigua,  and the beautiful Grenadines are closed. So, where to cruise during the Covid crisis ? A lot of western Caribbean islands are confronted to logistical problems such as small hospitals so, they prefer to stay closed. Some others are still open but with so much restrictions that is hard to imagine vacations. Of course, the western Caribbean resorts and cruise-ship are directly impact. No one want to share his holidays with hundreds of unknown on a cruise-ship wearing masks with an hydro-alcoholic gel in the hand instead of a sunscreen bottle. So it’s time to think different, time to travel differently but it was also time for us to propose new options more accessible for all. We took time to rethink our vacation packages and prices.

We are happy to propose new Sint Maarten & St Barts vacation packages on private cruises. With an easy plane arrival from America or Europe: Sint-Maarten. (SXM for friends😉)

Your arrival in Sint-Maarten / welcome to western Caribbean

Couple catamaran charter

First of all Sint-Maarten offer an OPEN international airport to land without having to change 3 times of plane from America or Europe, you just need a negative covid test (depending of your residence country).
Sint-Maarten is a western Caribbean island at the south of the beautiful British Virgin islands and at one hour sailing from Anguilla island.
You can pass directly from your flight to your private catamaran cruise then, relax and enjoy your adventure week starting by a cocktail offer by your personal cook, then, visit the most beautiful Sint-Maarten beaches and little desert islands spread all around.

What to do on Sint-Maarten 

Your cruise start from Sint-Maarten and of course you can decide to stay on board or by the beautiful Sint-Maarten beaches. But if you feel adventurous the friendly west indies island propose varieties of activities and accommodations to highlight your vacation.

• The stepest zipline of the world
• The spectacular presence of all the most famous mega-yachts of the world and some extraordinary racing boats
• International Caribbean Festivals
• International Regattas
• 2 Carnivals
• French: restaurants, supermarkets and bakeries
• Dutty Free shops and Casinos in Dutch side of the island. Luxury shop and Starred Restaurants in French side of the island.

We can explain you how friendly are local people or how clear is the water, how many sea turtles are swimming all around, but the best is to see it.
Here a little teaser 👇🏼

Saint-Barth the western Caribbean exception 

After sailing Sint-Maarten your captain will offer a great navigation to the mythic island of Saint-Barth to appreciate what they call “L’art de vivre”.
Saint Barthélemy is a volcanic island fully encircled by shallow reefs. It is the only western Caribbean island that was a Swedish colony for a significant length of time. Symbolism from the Swedish national arms, the Three Crowns, still appears in the island’s coat of arms and a swedish church is still present. The language, cuisine, and culture, however, are distinctly French. The island is a popular tourist destination during the winter holiday season. This island is unic, and every single thing it exactly at is right place, the houses are white with red roof and every walk offer beautiful views. There is land turtles a bit everywhere eating flowers and local people take really big care of them. Saint-Barth is an experience quite disconcerting and definitely an other vision of the western Caribbean islands. Visiting the turquoise water of Gustavia harbor you will admire the most beautiful yachts of the world drop their anchor. Ashore you can discover what is “l’art de vivre” and appreciate this totally unic culture in the west indies.

Price of a Western Caribbean Private Cruise

The price of a Private cruise is better that what people think. It s actually quite similar at the cruise-ship prices if you travel at 6 or 8 persons. Privatize a charter catamaran for 2 persons only is possible (people do it for Honeymoon) but it will have a significant cost, because from 1 person to 6, the price is the same.

For example:
1 week package with a Captain and a Cook around Sint-Maarten and Saint-Barth travelling at 6 persons, including : drink, cocktails, 3 meals by day and snacks, a dinghy to bring you ashore when you want, snorkeling equipments, kayak, paddleboard, and other sea toys. This full set will cost you 170$/day by person (Or 150$ travelling at 8 persons). What is absolutely affordable if you compare to cruise-ship prices or what will cost an hotel, restaurant, activities and other kayak rentals.

This is our classical package but If you have a bigger budget we also propose:
•Gastronomy cruise
•Premium cruise
You can drop an eye on what look like our different cruises, clicking here.

Covid Safety

This program is an example of what is possible but If you feel fragile or just don’t want to take any risks, you can decide to spend all your time on board or by the beach. A private cruise is the perfect option in this sanitary crisis. What a better social distances than a boat? (so, yes, your little last one can lick the pole of the stairs! It will still desperate you, but at least, he will be safe). You will find this privacy and safety nowhere else.

Feel free to contact us: We will be happy to help you to find the easiest way to come from your country to Sint-Maarten with the new covid rules.

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