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Anguilla Boat Trip: Where to Go during Your Boat Trip to Anguilla

Rendez vous Bay / Boat trip to Anguilla

Rendez-vous bay is one of Anguilla’s must-see beaches. A vast bay overlooking Saint Martin & Sint-Maarten.
Picture it: The sea here is a turquoise blue contrasting with the immense white-gold sand beach bordered by coconut palms adjoining a vast salt pond, rendez-vous bay pond was once used to collect salt. The area is protected as an international bird life because a colony of “least terns” comes to nest there, many pelicans also make their home there.

Prickly Pear / Boat trip to Anguilla

Welcome to the postcard. A small green island with a huge white sand beach. It is breathtakingly beautiful, the cliché of the desert island paradise par excellence. A piece of heaven. The perfect spot for a boat trip to Anguilla. The water is crystal clear and the Prickly Pear island is surrounded by a coral reef. You will slalom up to this beauty on shallow water. It is a protected area for its flora and fauna. A nice beach bar and two restaurants await you. If you only have to keep one track, keep that one! Prickly Pear is a gem.

Little Bay Rock Jump / Boat trip to Anguilla

Also known as LeBron James cliff. Since the famous basketball player performed there the ritual jump from the rock, then from the cliff (100ft) during his stay. The bay is beautiful and at the top of the cliff you can see one of the most beautiful villas of Anguilla. a must on your boat trip to Anguilla

 Cove Bay / Anguilla  Beach & Golf

Cove Bay is located on the part of Anguilla which faces st martin. A short distance from rendez vous bay. Many sublime villas are located there. Just behind them is the Cuisinart golf course d Anguilla (Greg Norman golf design and signature) The beach is beautiful and the sand is very fine.

  Shoal Bay / Boat trip to Anguilla

Shoal Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Anguilla. But much more touristy and frequented than the others>let’s be clear. much more frequented in Anguilla do not mean invaded. the island has based its tourism on a clientele that is more qualitative than quantitative. so, it is never invaded here.

you can rent chairs and umbrellas if you wish to get off the comfort of the boat. Shoal Bay despite the beauty of the place is not necessary a place to take pictures because of the beach chair blocking a bit the view, what also have a certain charm. But the bay is still one of the most beautiful beach in Anguilla. A good spot to stop during your boat trip to Anguilla.


Sint Maarten Boat Trip

Sint Maarten Tour: Where to Go during your Boat Trip to Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten Boat Trip

  Mullet Bay / Sint Maarten Beach

Mullet bay by is one of the most popular beach of Sint-Maarten. It s a quiet place in the week. But the sunday it is the meeting point of local people and tourists. Activities and music is the base of a good sunday at Mullet Bay. By normal weather conditions this beach is ideal for kids and also for tolder cause there is no waves and it s a good snorkeling spot. The water is clear and of course turquoise, it is an excellentsnorkeling spot. You can have a drink by the bars of the beach. They also propose seats and umbrellas. But you can use the shade provided by the trees.
You will find this Sint-Maarten beach just close by the Golf / Dutch side.

Sint Maarten Boat Trip

Red Bay / Sint Maarten Beach

Red Bay This bay is not really known, so, it’s a perfect relaxing place. It is called the red bay cause of the color of the cliffs around the bay (light red) this beach is beautifully wild and natural. There is a colorful stair to take beautiful pics at the entrance of the beach. By good weather conditions, it is a good snorkeling spot but it can become dangerous when the swell is present. There is a little rock arch to swim under bringing to a tiny beach (ideal for lovers) Red Bay is at the entrance of terre basse / French side.

Sint Maarten Boat Trip

  Friars Bay / Saint Martin Beach

Friars bay This Saint-Martin beach is good for kids but not for tolder (it s a bit to wavy for them). 2 really good restaurant are directly on the beach, they will provide what you can need. There is a little trail to walk for join happy bay. This is a simple and really cute trail, but you will need some shoes (flip flop is ok) because of the small cactus. On the other side of the trail you will find the superb happy bay the beach have plenty coconut trees, this is not big but it have an incredible charm, the perfect post card is here. This Saint-Martin beach become every year the main stage of the famous western Caribbean electronic music festival “sxm festival”

Sint Maarten Boat Trip

  Pinel Island / Saint Martin paradise

Pinel Island definitely a good family spot, 2 restaurants are present on this Saint-Martin beach, and also a little gift shop, the shallow turquoise water make this place one of the favorite beach for tourists and local people.

Sint Maarten Boat Trip

Oriental Bay / Saint Martin paradise

Most of the French side beaches are ok with naturism, there is only one official naturist beach ”la Baie Orientale” but on the French side no one really mind about naked people. So, it s just a question of logic. You can go everywhere if you stay away from the family spot. The Dutch side is a bit more puritan, don’t go naked anywhere you will have troubles, but don’t worry, there is still some spots to relax naked.

La Baie Orientale (Oriental bay beach) the beach is the only official naturist beach of Saint-Martin. There is not much shade there, so bring your umbrella, it s a long and beautiful beach of white sand with nice waves, a nice and familial beach to spend the day. Le “club orient” (naturist resort) use to be there but since a hurricane, the resort is close. The naturist beach remain and it s an easy spot to go with an amazing view on the turquoise bay.

Sint Maarten Boat Trip

Plum Bay / Sint Maarten wild beach

Baie aux prunes beach (plum bay beach)
This desert beautiful bay is only used by locals. Tourists don’t really know it exists, so it s a really quiet and wild and natural spot.

Sint Maarten Boat Trip

Lovers Beach / Saint Martin secret beach

Lover’s Beach (the smallest beach of SXM) is Almost accessible only by boat and is so small that only 2 people can stay there. This beach is really cute, really small. Ideal for lovers. It s just after galisbay at the corner before anse des perres. Going there is a mission from land (make your own idea watching this video). The idea is to visit it by boat. This is a hidden good spot to stop for lovers on your day trip.

Saint Barth Boat Trip: Where to Go during your Boat Trip to Saint Barth

Saint Barth Boat Trip

Colombier Bay / Saint Barth Beach

Colombier is only accessible by boat or after a thirty-minute hike over the cliff. The rocky enclave makes it a very good anchorage protected from rolling. The view can of course be appreciated from the beach but all the splendor of the place is revealed from the center of the bay. It is a private marine nature reserve of 25 hectares. The owner is none other than David Rockefeller. At the end of the 1950s, he had a magnificent property built on the top of Grand Colombier. It is one of the best snorkeling sites on the island of St Barts, and the wild bay with its steep cliffs exudes an authentic charm. This spot deserves to anchor there during your day tour.

Saint Barth Boat Trip

Shell Beach / Saint Barth Beach

Shell Beach is not a beach of white and powdery sand but rather made up of small seashells in light pastel pink colors. The beach is near Gustavia. It was also entirely created by the construction work of the capital of St Barts. It s a pleasant beach ti relax and a good spot to do Rock jump.

Saint Barth Boat Trip

Gouverneur / Saint Barth Beach

Gouverneur Beach/beach of St Barthélemy This beach is known to house the residence of Roman Abramovich. It is a pretty strip of sand, bordered by coconut trees. The legend says that the treasure of the pirate Daniel Monbars is still hidden there … the opportunity to occupy the children during your day trip.

Saint Barth boat trip

Saint Jean / Saint Barth Beach

Saint-Jean Bay / Saint Barth Beach
This beach is one of the most touristic on the island of St Barthélemy, it is the locals’ landmark on weekends. You can see the planes landing at the steepest airport in the world. Nearby are lovely shops and restaurants. The beach is also frequented by sportsmen, and it is possible to practice paddleboard kayaks, scuba diving, and jet skiing. Of course, the view is breathtaking, and the famous Eden Rock hotel in red and white is adorned with the colors of the island of Saint Barthélemy, throne overhanging the rocks in the middle of this seascape worthy of a masterpiece. This is one of the unmissable stops during your day charter around st barts

Saint Barth Boat Trip

Fourchu Island / Saint Barth Beach

This island is a wild destination of great beauty, it deserves to spend at least a half-day trip. Accessible only by boat, the island is a marine reserve of the island of St-Barts. It is an almost closed-arched cove. A small sandy beach faces the entrance and contrasts with the rugged outlines of the island. There is something cinematic about entering the anchorage. A huge, steep, and sharp cliff encircles half the bay and the colors that emerge from the landscape seem to come out of a fantastic film, one expects at any time to see a Hobbit climbing the rocky peaks that surround us. The bay is deep and the snorkeling site is a real wonder. There is not only question here of small multicolored fish which come to circle around you as it is often in the snorkeling spots of the islands of Sint-Maarten, Anguilla, and Saint Barth and which is also very pleasant. No, here, we are talking about tarpons of imposing sizes of curious barracuda large schools of fish with silvery reflections which wrap like a donut around you. All in a cove with a volcanic appearance and cinematic colors. The experience is to be had if you are a fan of quality snorkeling. Put it on your bucket list during your day charter.

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