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Where to go out at night in Sint-Maarten

Welcome to Sint-Maarten.

Sint-Maarten nightlife is an extraordinary Caribbean experience. Here is a program of a good night out! Bars, Restaurant, Night Club, Sexy spectacles and Casinos. SXM propose a large variety of night activities. You will find in this article our selection of good spots to go for a great night out !!!!

Let us know in the comments section if you know this places and if you know some others to don’t miss for a good night out.

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sint Maarten beaches sunset

Maho beach sxm airport plane landing

After a good day relaxing on the white sand of the Sint-Maarten beaches drinking colorful cocktails. You can enjoy a sunset walking barefoot in the warm crystal clear water of the beach. (There are 37 beaches on the island). For the sunset we suggest maho beach, it is a perfect place to watch the planes landing with the local sunset mojito of the “Sunset Beach bar” in the hand. It s also the occasion to take great pictures of course. 

Now that the sun is gone. You can prolong the day and start a new adventure: 

It is time to take a little shower and wear some nice clothes. Because It’s time to live the Big Sint-Maarten nightlife and have a full experience of what are “St Martin vacations”. 

Here are our recommendations for a good night out in Sint-Maarten:


Sint maarten restaurants

Sint-Maarten restaurants where to eat

So first you need to eat something, to be strong for your big night. There are some really good restaurants in Sint-Maarten but for food if you compare St Martin vs St Maarten the “delicat” and “gourmet” restaurants of the french side are definitely the most “raffinés”. Grand case was the official capital of fine cuisine in Caribbean for years. Then, hurricane Irma destroyed the town and by the same way the restaurants. Grand Case is now freshly back, and you can appreciate some delicious meals in town “le Pressoir” restaurant is for example in the prestigious Gault & Millau guide. Also in Marigot some fine cuisine restaurants are open. You will find, walking inside the Marina Royale the famous “Tropicana restaurant, you can appreciate here delicious meals and amazing desserts. The new Gourmet restaurant “Be Kool” also on the Marina Royale, propose, really delicat meals and already have a pretty good reputation. We suggest also to try “Steve’z restaurant” at Porto Cupecoy Marina (the roast camembert is delicious) Be sure to have a good experience in those places for a fair price. 


st Maarten night Bars 

Sint-Maarten bars where to go out

If the best restaurants are on the French side, the Dutch side is the place to be for live the Sint-Maarten nightlife! So let’s cross the border. We suggest to stop at the Red Piano to play billiards, have a delicious cocktail and start to prepare the night by dancing and even singing with the pianist and musicians of the emblematic place.


Dancing  Sint-Maarten by night

Dancing Sint-Maarten bars

Now that you are warm for the night it is time to become hot and to go dancing at the “Soggy dollar bar” (Simpson bay ). It is a perfect spot to meet friends and have fun on the open air dance floor. The “Soggy Dollar” is also frequented by sailors and during the winter festivities by the racing crews and world sailing travelers (they are always full of amazing boat stories). The Soggy Dollar is one of the unmissable places of the Sint-Maarten nightlife 


Sint Maarten Casinos 

Sint-Maarten casinos

Now that you are hot, it’s time to visit the casinos and have some fun.  If you are not a gambler it is still nice to spend 20$ in the slots machines, think of it as an activity. For logistic reasons we suggest to go to the “Royal casino” and before to leave the place to ask for $20 or $50 change of single $1 (you will need it for your next stop)


Sexy Sint Maarten nightlife 

Platinium sexy Sint-Maarten

We can’t speak about the Sint-Maarten nightlife without speaking of the sexy part of the island. So, It is now time to go to the Platinium room. You can go walking.  It is based at few meters away from the Royal Casino. This place is about elegant adult entertainment. You will discover here real spectacles. Ladies are coming from all around the globe to perform their “burlesque art”, and offer extraordinary pole dance show. (The occasion to spend your single dollars)  It’s not a “dude place” many women come to enjoy the show too. So be elegant. (The platinium close at 2am)


Sint Maarten night party 

Night Club Sint-Maarten

If you don’t have enough we suggest to finish the night dancing at the “Lotus night-club” (Cole bay). The club offers themed nights. It is the Sint-Maarten nightlife most popular party spot. 


After this good night you probably have some new friends. The perfect occasion to invite them to have some fun few days later. For exemple doing zipline on the Dutch side (it is the steepest in the world) or sailing the beautiful sxm waters, sharing a private charter-boat day trip around Sint-Maarten. Do islands hopping and stop by the sublims Pinel and Tintamare islands. 


This is real St Maarten holidays!!

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