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Sint-Maarten have 37 beaches

A beautiful beach is of course something subjective. But we can consider that we are speaking about white sand, clear water and coconut trees. There is 37 beaches on SXM (Saint-Martin & Sint-Maarten). You will find yours! With ot without clothes, with or without waves, with or without other humans. There is a beach for everyone.
So let’s order all of that.

Desert St Maarten  beaches

Baie rouge Saint Martin

La belle creole , this Saint-Martin beach is a really special place to go. This old resorts is abandoned since long time. Paintball groups use the giant resort as a entrainment spot. There is behind the resort a little lagoon with shallow and calm water. It’s also a good snorkeling spot, and a good place to relax quiet. Some naturists use it too. Not much shade there, so bring your umbrella. Definitely a lot of charm for this Saint-Martin beach and a really good snorkeling spot. From there you can have a small and easy walk to the the Devil’s hole, called also “trou David”. The beach is reachable by car just after Nettle bay or by dinghy from Marigot bay (carefull to your propeller by entering into the small pass of the lagoon. There is some rocks in the middle of the pass and it s really shallow)
Red bay This bay is not really known, so, it’s a perfect relaxing place. It is call red bay cause of the color of the cliffs around the bay (light red) this beach is beautiful wild and natural. There is a colorful stairs to take beautiful pics at the entrance of the beach. By good weather conditions it is a good snorkeling spot but it can become dangerous when the swell is present. There is a little rock arch to swim under bringing to a tiny beach (ideal for lovers) Red bay is at the entrance of terre basse / french side.
Grand Ilet island (chicken island) based on the middle of the lagoon and accessible only by boat this is the perfect beach for barbecues! There is benches, kayak, barbecues and transat. So, just bring food and charcoal, everything is already there. You will find also a little trail of 20 min to walk around the island from this little Saint-Martin beach. The boats neighborhood use to cultivate veggies and fruit trees there.

Baie aux prunes beach (plum bay beach)
This desert beautiful bay is only used by locals. Tourists don’t really know it existence, so it s a really quiet and a wild and natural spot.

Lover’s beach (the smallest beach of SXM) accessible only by boat and so small that only 2 persons can stay there. This beach is really cute, really small. Ideal for lovers. It s just after galisbay at the corner before anse des perres.

Sint maarten beaches with kids

Mullet bay by normal weather conditions this beach is ideal for kids and also for tolder cause there is no waves and it s a really good snorkeling spot. The water is cristal clear and many day charter boats drop their anchors here for their guests to enjoy the turquoise bay. You can have a drink by the bars of this Sint maarten beaches. They also propose seats and umbrellas. There is a lot of trees there, so you can save money by using the shade provide by the trees.
You will find this Sint-Maarten beach just close by the Golf / Dutch side.
Friars bay This Saint-Martin beach is good for kids but not for tolder (it s a bit to wavy for them). 2 really good restaurant are directly on the beach, they will provide what you can need. There is a little trail to walk for join happy bay. This is a simple and really cute trail, but you will need some shoes (flip flop is ok) because of the small cactus. On the other side of the trail you will find the superb happy bay the beach have plenty coconut trees, this is not big but it have an incredible charm, the perfect post card is here. This Saint-Martin beach become every year the main stage of the famous western Caribbean electronic music festival “sxm festival”
Pinel island definitely a good family spot, 2 restaurants are present on this Saint-Martin beach and also a little gift shop, the shallow turquoise water make this place one of the favorite beach for tourists and local people.
La belle Creole This beach is not really known, it’s perfect for small kids and toddlers. No waves, no currents and shallow water. It’s always quiet even when it s windy or swelly because this is a mini lagoon closed by a little wall, just small enough to let the top of the waves passing on top of it. The lagoon is not totally closed so, the water is super clean. You can safely do there snorkeling, there is plenty fishes to see by the rocks, even some small octopus. Dont be surprised, you can meet there nudist enjoying this peaceful Saint-Martin beach.

Nacked st Maarten beaches 

Naturist beach Sint-Maarten

Most of the French side beaches are ok with naturism, there is only one official naturist beach but on the French side no one really mind about nacked people. So, it s just a question of logic. You can go everywhere if you stay away from the family spot. The dutch side is a bit more puritan, don’t go nacked anywhere you will have troubles, but don’t worry, there is still some spots to relax naked.
La baie orientale (Oriental bay beach) the beach is the only official naturist beach of Saint-Martin. There is not much shade there, so bring your umbrella, it s a long and beautiful beach of white sand with nice waves, a nice and familial beach to spend the day. Le “club orient” (naturist resort) use to be there but since a hurricane, the resort is close. The beach remain and it s an easy spot to go with an amazing view on the turquoise bay.
Cope coy beach is a famous naturist spot too, but less familial. The swimming is not easy and can be dangerous there but the view from the beach is splendid and It s also a place to meet some new “friends”.

La belle Creole is also a nacked friendly beach on the week time, the week end it become a family beach, but the second half part of the beach is still available for naturists

Surfing  Sint-Maarten

Surfing st Maarten

Sint-Maarten is not the best island for surfing, but there is some good spot to know:
Le gallion, this beach is ideal for beginners you can enjoy small waves here and when you feel a bit more confident you just have to go a bit farther by the reef to have bigger waves.
Wilderness, this beach is for experienced surfer, when it’s swelly it can become big.
Mullet bay by north swell. This place is usually quiet but when the north swell is entering into the bay it become a good and non frequented surfing spot.
Plum bay this wild beache is not really known but it s a really good spot by north swell

Kitesurfing St Maarten 

Kitesurfing Sint-Maarten

Sint-Maarten is a windy place, it’s why people love to sail around cause the trade winds are constants in winter time. Baie nettle beach (lagoon side) is good spot for kitesurfing cause the beach is perpendicular to the wind, so, it s easy to go and return with the sail. There is also there a kitesurfing shop, where you can rent material and have people watching you, and bring you back by dinghy if you have any troubles.

Cul de sac just front of Pinel island is also a good spot, there is here really shallow water. 

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